Lock, Stock, and Two Film Geeks is a film website dedicated to the review and discussion of all films, but with a focus on hitting a diverse range of films: mainstream and independent, new and old, popular and obscure. Here at Two Film Geeks we have a passion for all varieties a film, and we want to share it to the world. Expect to be opened up to things you haven’t heard of, and informed further on those you have. But most of all we’re here to have fun and entertain, and we hope that whatever way you take in the site, you find some enjoyment from it. While we plan to start this journey on our own, don’t be surprised if some friends join in, and we invite everyone to participate.

The people behind the website:

James Goux

I am a graduate of California State University, Long Beach in the majors of Film Production and English with a Creative Writing focus. As such, I am looking to become either a writer, director, editor, or some combination thereof. Of late, my passion seems to be directed most towards writing, this includes a variety of mediums: novels, film, television, etc. I am also a media obsessive, most of my free time is spent in taking in as many movies, television shows, books, comics, and music as I can possibly digest, and learning as much about all of the above as possible. Consequently, the conversation and discussion that fascinates me most usually has some connection with one of the previously mentioned subjects; you will most likely see that reflected in this blog. While I’ve worked as an intern at Valhalla Motion Pictures and Intrepid Pictures, I am currently at a part-time job as a content researcher for Internet Brandsand writing on the side.For more information about me, and to connect with me on various social networks, please visit my homepage at http://jamesgoux.com

Benn Hadland

Benn Hadland has recently graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in English Literature. He plans to continue his education by obtaining a Masters Degree in Film studies and write about film in a magazine or newspaper for a living. Currently, he is working as much as possible on this particular website, and working as an associate manager at the University Six movie theater at UCI.


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