Aug 23 2009

Podcast 5: Directorial Debuts

Note: if you downloaded this episode on iTunes you may have downloaded a file titled Episode 5 that was in fact our fourth episode. We have corrected this and hope that if you have the incorrect file, you will re-download the newest episode for your pleasure.

In our fifth podcast episode James, Benn, and Dylan discuss three different directorial debuts. Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane, the Cohen brothers’ Blood Simple, and Kevin Smith’s Clerks. Yes you heard that right, Citizen Kane and Clerks in the same podcast.

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Lock, Stock, and Two Film Geeks Podcast


2 Responses to “Podcast 5: Directorial Debuts”

  • Andrea Ureno Says:

    This podcast is really worth your time…If you love to know more about film and directors, it is insightful. I wish I got this talk when I was in film school. It would be interesting if these were on video…It feels like I am there with them….Since it is a podcast, if you are busy and have to multi-task, blast the volume and listen, like I did…I did catch myself stopping several times to be a more active participant…

  • jamesgoux Says:

    @Andrea Thanks for the words of encouragement and review. It would help out if you did the same on our iTunes page, which is linked above.

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