Oct 17 2009

Podcast 9: Movies We Hated (That Others Liked)

I like to imagine theyre about to jump to their angsty deaths in this image.

This week on the podcast, the guys do the unthinkable. We bring on our friend Jeremy, numb ourselves with a bit of alcohol, and watched Twilight. And we did it for you. I’m sure you know what we thought, but you’ll want to hear it first hand, as we rail against Twilight, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The “wildest podcast ever”.

WARNING: This particular episode gets a bit more explicit than most, so be prepared.

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One Response to “Podcast 9: Movies We Hated (That Others Liked)”

  • Laura Says:

    Took your advice and watched Let the Right One In.

    Fascinating and touching, it’s thankfully free of a great many cliches that plague the vampire movies you see now. It’s a real shame they’ve sold the rights to remake it in English.

    If anybody has netflix, its free to stream, not all that horrifying, and romantically youthful.

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