Apr 3 2012

This Charming Man: Ashley Cahill talks films, influences and “Charm.”

Ashley Cahill on the set for his debut film, "Charm."

Sporting a red-checkered jacket and sunglasses with a copy of “The New York Times” tucked under his arm, independent filmmaker Ashley Cahill strolled onto Larchmont Boulevard on a sunny Wednesday afternoon to discuss his debut film “Charm,” as well as his influences and favorite films.

“There are people who like movies, and there are people who like their movies,” said the 34 year-old Englishman.  “I like movies,” which speaks to Cahill’s great enthusiasm and knowledge about film.

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May 20 2011

The Avengers: Will They Do [Us] Justice?

With the succession of Marvel films throughout the last three years, The Avengers has become the most anticipated film of the film season, more so even than The Dark Knight Rises.  With the film’s principle photography having begun in late April, the upcoming comic book epic is no longer an upcoming project discussed on the internet and Comic-Con, but can now be seen upon the horizon.

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Nov 3 2010

Prequels: The New Re-Make/Boot/Release?

It was announced, not too long ago, that a prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing was in the works.  Soon after, Ridley Scott announced that he was working on a prequel to Alien.

I don’t even know where to begin.

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Jul 1 2010

Article XXVIII – Wherein Not Even a Submarine Can Save Humanity

Don't know what he's looking at...it's not the beach.

Last night, I watched one of the more depressing movies I’ve ever seen.  It was about this old guy who tells a story to a female resident of this nursing home.  He tells the story of a couple who had fallen in love, and there were some plot twists and things, and at the end…YOU REALIZE THAT THE MAN AND THE WOMAN WERE THE PEOPLE IN THE STORY BUT THEY JUST HAD ALZHEIMER’S.  Then they die, and there are swans flying as the credits roll.  The tears were just flying out of my eyes, it was terrible.

So anyways, I didn’t actually watch The Notebook, but my writing skills are just so good, that I totally had you going, didn’t I?  Hah!  The movie I actually watched last night was On the Beach, a 1959 film about the end of the civilized world.  It was directed by Stanley Kramer and starred Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Anthony Perkins, and Fred Astaire.  Being born in good ol’ 1985, I have no idea who any of those people are, but apparently they’re some big movie stars?
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Jun 14 2010

All Dressed Up With Nothing To Say

In an unfortunate summer that has yet to make a real impression on anyone, the lavish, designer label-laden Sex in the City 2 has garnered a bit of attention for being a critical and commercial failure.  Not only is it a terrible, but the content of the film has ruffled many a feather due to its obsession with fashion, wealth and its unabashed adherence to stereotypes long thought negative towards feminism.

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May 21 2010

Article XXVII – Wherein a Time-Honored Plan is Tried…Again

I don't get it.

Dear Diary:

Today, I finally decided to write the next column that I have been putting off for a few weeks.  Why?  Well, diary, it’s because when you write the same format for every movie all the time, sometimes you get bored.  Formulaic, if you will.  So, you have to spend a few weeks fighting crime in Thailand or meditating in Australia to get your creativity back.  Then, you sometimes have to get your passport and identification stolen, get accused of being an international crime lord, and finally have one or two of the cocaine balloons you’re currently smuggling inside your body burst and have to go through a crazy intense detox.

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May 17 2010

For the Love of the Art

"I guess I see myself as a kind of professional appreciator."

I love movies.  I love all types of art: literature, comics, music, photography, and painting.  I’m an appreciator of most creative endeavors, and my primary goal with this website, at least in the case of the films, is to share that love with other people.  You can think of this as the mission statement I never wrote when we started this website almost a year ago, but my real intention is to question the act and processes of criticism of the arts, and the way in which I’m contributing to it at the moment. Continue reading

May 14 2010

Article XXVI – Wherein Mel Gibson Invents Madness

Bad. Ass.

Thanks to all your love and support, my stalker has been put behind bars.  In an elaborate sting operation that involved me dressing as Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and prancing around with a stuffed dog singing “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa (yeah I didn’t understand that part either), the perpetrator was captured when he mistakenly fell into a hole covered in leaves.  Score one for the good guys.  Although, I guess they should change the title of the website to “One Film Geek.”

This week(end?) the movie on the chopping block is 1979’s Mad Max.  A staple of dystopian and post apocalyptic cinema, this movie hails from Australia and clocks in at ninety-five (95) minutes.  Although, really, since time and space are connected, we could measure this film in meters, light-minutes, or even parsecs. Continue reading

May 12 2010

The Comeback Kings

Iron Man 2 hit theaters just last Friday to favorable commercial and critical success.  In the film, Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke play enemies due to a generation-old betrayal, with one family being disgraced, and the other having acted disgracefully.                                                                        

Perhaps it was by mere coincidence that these individuals were cast as men who have, in one way or another, fallen from grace and must fight their way back to the top.  There aren’t many people like Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey Jr., who are as famous for their self-destruction as they are for their immense talent.

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May 7 2010

Article XXV – In Which A Couple of Corridors Constitute a “City”

Too Small, No Caption

So, last week, when I was leaving the FilmGeeks Offices – I could have sworn there was someone following me through the parking lot.  He/She was like 5’6” and kept making weird dinosaur noises.  That Jurassic Park article really put me on the map, and I think I may have a stalker.  If any of you are stalking me – please leave a comment at the bottom.  And I have pepper spray in my purse.

So, now that I’ve got that nonsense off my chest, I can tell you what I slaved over for the last few weeks.  Lost City, a (let me see if I’ve got this right) “Science Fiction adventure serial told in 12 amazing parts” from 1935 is my next gargantuan project on the chopping block.  And, man, this sucker looks like it’s going to take a few swings.  I also want to get in a little disclaimer: When I first heard the synopsis, I thought “Cool!  A lost city!”  What do I get?  The “city” is just  like four hallways and a supply closet.  Go figure. Continue reading