May 27 2010

Taking Stock 05/27/10

We enter another week of “Taking Stock,” our weekly column in which the entire staff tells you what they think of the movies coming out this week based on very little knowledge and first impressions.  Like the American Justice System.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time  

James: Because I’ve liked a lot of Bruckheimer films that even others have not, and because I have a nostalgia for the franchise, I may try to see this, this weekend.  But because of the mediocre reviews, it may not happen as well.  But if I see anything this weekend, it will be this.

Benn:  You know what, I don’t have a problem with the Disney/Bruckheimer adventure films; they’re easy fun and very enjoyable.

Dylan: The Bruckheimer/Disney Pirates films, though void of making any sense, were decent popcorn flicks. Kingsly is awesome, but I’m not sure about Gyllenhall. He doesn’t see like the action type of actor. If I’m dragged to this, I’ll do it without much complaining.

Fil:  You would think I’d be excited about this.  I love Pirates.  I love Bruckheimer.  But seriously – how the FUCK is Jake Gyllenhall a prince of PERSIA?  Also – the coolest thing about this (the parkour action) looks soooo bad.  No no no no no.

Anna: The only thing that barely tugs me about this movie is Kingsly, but I just don’t care to see another generic period/action/adventure/romance/CG piece.

Sex and the City 2

James: I managed to be offended just in one trailer, I just hate the tone of the dialogue, among many many other things.

Benn:  Money, Fashion, Recreational Infidelity, Glamour For The Sake Of Itself and Charmingly Delivered, yet Hollow Wit?  I’m starting to think no one took the works of Wilde or Fitzgerald seriously.

Dylan: So you have a bunch of scantily clad cougars going to the Middle East? I can only hope one of them gets stoned, and not in that fun college way.

Fil:  If I’m not mistaken, does this, or does this not take place in a City?  The title is misleading and confusing.  I can only assume there will be sex in it at some point?  Ugh, even that doesn’t make me want to see it.

Anna: Besides the fact that I’ve never seen the first one, I haven’t even watched the show. Seeing this would do nothing for me except for getting annoyed with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Micmacs [limited]

James: Love the director’s work, but due to time, I’ll probably see this way down the line after seeing a few of the gaps in his filmography I already have.  Heard it’s pretty good, though.

Benn:  Jean Pierre-Jeunet?  I’m in.  This movie looks great.  Go.

Dylan: This is the movie you need to see this weekend.

Fil:  Don’t forget City of Lost Children, Anna.  This is going to be amazing.  It also is monumental for being the first time that Benn and I agree on anything.

Anna: What I think doesn’t matter. Fil will probably make me see it since he loves Delicatessen and Dominique Pinon.

Survival of the Dead [limited]

James: Romero’s films just seem to get worse and worse ratings, next in line for me is Day of the Dead so I’ll hold off on this.

Benn:  I’ve heard some pretty bad things about how Romero’s films have been getting worse since “Land of the Dead.”  I might see this purely out of loyalty to Romero, but this probably won’t be very good.

Dylan: Not interested in this one, however, I am excited for the next installment, Sex and the City and the Dead.

Fil: I guess I can already watch this on demand on my X-Box?  The hell?

Anna: Save for Max Brooks, I can’t stand Zombie-lore. This looks terrible.

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