Dec 31 2009

Taking Stock 1/1/2010

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The White Ribbon [limited]

James:  I don’t see many foreign films in theaters.  I watched the trailer to this film and find the cinematography, if nothing else, is completely and utterly stunning.  I’m also ready for a good unflinching adult drama a la Doubt.  Word on the street is good.

Benn:  Michael Haneke has always proven to be, both, intriguing and frightening.  I read an article about this in the LA Times the other day, and there is a lot more to this movie than one might think.  Themes of religious extremism, child  development, and the duality of innocence drive this movie, and it all takes place in the scariest place the world has ever known: black & white Germany.

Dylan: This looks good. It has that classic look and an intriguing who-done-it plot. The only other film by Michael Haneke I’ve seen his his U.S remake of his own German film, Funny Games, which board me to tears. SPOILER ALERT: 10-foot-tall blue cat people burn down the barn.

Fil: Welp, people who know me will know that this kind of movie is not really my thing. But, from the trailer (which is amazing, by the way), it looks pretty good. A little boring, perhaps, and you can’t judge the actual acting and dialogue unless you’re German – but it does look interesting. I probably won’t see it on my own. Unless I find out somewhere that it’s actually about robots. ROBOTS WHO SET FIRE TO BARNS.

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond [limited]

James: I don’t know what to say about this one.  It didn’t get picked up for major distribution.  Tennessee Williams is a good writer and there’s some good cast here, but it doesn’t look like it’s more than the sum of its parts if the trailer is indication.  Haven’t seen any praise of it either.

Benn: Holy God in Heaven, whoever made the trailer should be shot.  I like Tennessee Williams, but this film looks like a bullshit kitchen sink melodrama.  What is it about awful, corny visions of the Twenties and Thirties nowadays?  Maybe this screenplay was forgotten for a reason.  In any case, stick to his plays.

Dylan: This almost looks like a joke. Besides looking like the cliche Southern aristocracy period piece, there’s too much cheese in the trailer. “There’s is a story of a love that could not be, but could not be denied.” OH SHIT!!!!! THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!

Fil: “Theirs was a love that could not be, but could not be denied.” I will not be seeing a movie that has this line in the trailer. No thanks. Also Bryce Dallas Howard is evil – and starring in something written by Tennessee Williams is not the way to my heart. I got enough of that guy in high school, thankyouverymuch.

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