Jan 14 2010

Taking Stock 1/15/2010

“Taking Stock,”  is our crystal ball for the movies coming out this weekend in which the entire staff tells you what they think of the movies coming out this week based on very little knowledge and first impressions.

The Book of Eli

James:  Looks kind of cool but I feel like we’ve seen this approach to post-apocalypse before, whereas the serious take that The Road did seems more preferential to me.  Probably  something I’ll catch on Blu-Ray.

Benn:  I’ll see anything post-apocalyptic.  Also, considering the book in question is the last copy of the Bible on the planet, it might delve into the battle between spirituality/ faith and the power/misuse of religious establishment.  Also, Denzel + sword= awesome.  Plus, I give you Gary Oldman.

Dylan: What can I say? I’m a sucker for the post-apocalyptic/ dystopian films. Add a little Denzel Washington, mix with a dash of Gary Oldmen, stir with Mila Kunis’ boobs and you have a movie I probably won’t have the time to see. SPOILER ALERT: the book is actually the last copy of “Hop on Pop.”

Fil: I’ve been looking forward to a Fallout 3 movie for a long time and this looks like the closest I’ll get.  I’m 100% excited about this.  Plus Post apocalyptic Gary Oldman.  Need I say more?  I’m going to, I don’t care what you want.  This movie look beautifully shot and as far as I can tell, has subtle CG use (See Legion for the opposite).  Who wants to go with?

The Lovely Bones [expands]

James:  I’ve been reading the book in preperation for this, but am worried by all the negative reviews.  I’m hoping this is just LOTR-backlash, because I like all that I’ve seen of Peter Jackson’s work and this could potentially be a nice character driven piece.  Not sure when, but I will see this.

Benn:  Looks intriguing, but its been panned by most critics for being very uneven.  Hmmmm………..

Dylan: I likes me some Peter Jackson. I’m not familiar with the story, but it looks interesting enough to warrant a watching. The title reminds me too much of a porn I once saw, the title of which I cannot bare to repeat.

Fil:  This movie looks so beautiful, I’ll probably just go see it for the visuals alone.  Sort of like the Fountain.  But with Peter Jackson, I’m hoping we can get something of substance out of it.  I’ll definitely want to see this.  Jackson has a pretty good track record for me.

The Spy Next Door

James:  I remember the days when Jackie Chan was actually a draw for me, but he’s getting placed in sillier, more family driven films almost exclusively now.  And why hasn’t his accent gotten any better?

Benn:  I didn’t like this movie back when it was called “The Pacifier”.

Dylan: The man’s getting too old to be doing the kind of movies we all want to see him doing. But really? Was The Rock was too busy shooting “The Tooth Fairy?” Come on, Jackie.

Fil:  I refuse to watch the trailer for this again.  Jackie Chan is an amazing martial artist.  That is all.  Go rent Drunken Master or Who Am I?  If you want a funny movie with the exact same premise as this – go watch Kindergarden Cop or the last couple The Rock movies.  Please, do your part in sending a message to Hollywood that this kind of thing makes us uncomfortable – like inappropriate touching.

Fish Tank [NYC]

James:  This looks like a well executed drama but the subject matter doesn’t really interest me personally.  I do like British accents though.

Benn: Cast looks promising, but WAY too melodramatic for me.  Plus, it looks like the feature film version of that god-awful “Second Chance” music video, but with added child rape.

Dylan: Looks visually striking and the story is intriguing, this was one of the best films out of Britain this year, according to critics. The gritty style and coming-of-age subject matter remind me a lot of “Ratcatcher.” It’s like their version of “Precious,” except not as depressing and without as many racial stereotypes.

Fil:  I think this movie might be about horse sex.  And Teen Rebellion.  I do not approve of either of these things.  It’ll probably win an Oscar or premiere at a Sundance Circle Jerk.

Chance pe Dance [limited]

James:  I’m not into Bollywood, nor the whole dance scene, and most importantly, there seems to be a big cultural disconnect on the humor side.  This is a pretty clear pass, but then again, it’s not meant for me.

Benn:  Well, it does look fun.  At least its not another “Step Up” sequel.

Dylan: I honestly have no earthly idea what this movie’s about. There are abs and an Indian(?) guy and dancing, but there’s no Daniel Day Lewis. Pass.

Fil:  If it weren’t for the fact that this movie is obviously about dancing and douchebaggery, I might actually want to see it.  The trailer seemed funny enough for a while – then it started with the open shirt and dancing and it all went downhill.

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