Jan 22 2010

Taking Stock 1/22/2010

We enter another week of “Taking Stock,” our weekly column in which the entire staff tells you what they think of the movies coming out this week based on very little knowledge and first impressions.


James: There’s something just off about this movie.  I can’t say quite why, but it certainly does not look good.

Benn:  On the one hand, this film looks really, really stupid.  On the other hand, angels and machine guns.  “The Prophecy” it may not be, but the nine year old in me is interested.

Dylan: It’s not Citizen Kane. Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s killer grandma, icecream-man-bug and Paul Bettany’s abs. The jewel of this film, in my humble opinion, will be the always entertaining character actor Kevin Duran, who plays a mace-wielding Gabriel. I’m checking this one out.

Fil: This is a movie where I think the premise is interesting, but hollywood has just messed it up so badly that through the shitty CG and the bad dialogue and uninteresting characters, we’re going to get a terribly watered down version of what this movie could be.  I’ll be seeing it for the premise alone, but I have ZERO expectations.

Tooth Fairy

James: I’m not into the whole “big action star comes down to try the family movie, and isn’t it funny that they’ve surrounded him with kids and childish things” movie genre.  It’s just not made for me.

Benn:  Anyone remember when the Rock was a pro wrestler?  Anyone?

Dylan: Look… I mean… It looks… It’s… Really?… I… Come on!… Aw, that’s… Damn it!… I give up.

Fil:  You guys.  I watched the trailer to this movie.  And.  Outside of the terrible obvious puns and unfunny ad campaign.  I think…this movie…might…possibly…be kind of…funny.  In no way will this advance film as an art form, but dammit it could be enjoyable.

Extraordinary Measures

James: Hold on, they’re showing the Lifetime channel in theaters now?  When did this happen?

Benn:  You know what?  Its January, what more can you expect?

Dylan: I’m not sure why they went with releasing this in theaters instead of putting it on the Hallmark Channel.

Fil:  This movie is a lot more of a setback to cinema than the Tooth Fairy.  Good lord this movie looks so fucking boring and not memorable that I can’t stand it.  The only good part of this movie will actually be Han Solo Indiana Jones Harrison Ford.

Creation [limited]

James: Biopics generally have a roof as to how good they can possibly be.  I actually like quite a few of them a lot, especially when you can compare the actor’s essence to the original person.  Here you can’t do that, and on top of that, word on the festival circuit was not good.

Benn:  I’m very interested to see a film about the life of Charles Darwin, seeing as his discoveries are often misinterpreted and misquoted.  Although I’m not Jennifer Connely’s biggest fan, the film appears to have a solid cast and has a very objective portrayal of the events surrounding the writing of “The Origin of the Species”.

Dylan: I think the fact that there are still people out there who believe in creationism, and they’re going to flip their shit when this movie comes out, makes me want to see this more. Plus, it explores the little known idea that all life evolved from Paul Bettany’s abs.

Fil:  You know, it seems to me that it took far too long for a movie like this to be made.  It’s not exactly my thing, but a dramatization of Darwin’s writing the Origin of the Species seems like it covers some good ground.  I’d watch it to spite the people who will eventually protest this movie.

The Girl on the Train [LA/NY]

James: Trailer looks like an intriguing drama, and I like listening to the french language if nothing else.  I’ll keep an eye out for reviews.

Benn:  Wow, what a premise.  The trailer looks fantastic, and I do hope that the movie explains why this particular girl would stage such a lie.

Dylan: You all know how I feel about French cinema. I’ll check it out if I have the time.

Fil:  An interesting premise, but I advise everyone to boycott everything from France because that’s what the cool people do.  Probably a pretty good movie, though.

To Save a Life [limited]

James: Badly acted melodrama in January, with a song in the beginning of the trailer that just screams not for me.  Pass.

Benn:  Although the initial premise is really interesting, this looks like it will go into serious after-(high)-school territory.  This feels like one of those teen films Jason London would have stared in five years ago.

Dylan: A movie that explores the messed up social hierarchy of high school and the kid who defies it all. Meh. No real excitement here, to be honest.

Fil:  This movie’s trailer started out with me hating it.  Ever so much.  But the actual full premise looks like something that might actually turn out to be relevant and interesting to watch.  I’d probably rent this and call it a day.

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