Dec 24 2009

Taking Stock 12/25/2009

This is “Weekend Roundup” renamed. Each week we’re going to give our opinion on the movies coming out this weekend, without actually having any firsthand experience with them. Trust us, you’ll feel better in the long run if you just listen to us.

Up in the Air [expands]

James: Having already seen this film I can highly reccomend it on all accounts. This could even be the best picture this year, you don’t want to miss out, do you?

Benn: I’ve actually seen this film, and it’s actually my favorite of the year. The acting, dialogue, directing, and the story is brilliant. Jason Reitman has a knack for taking seemingly little stories like these and using them to explore the human condition.

Dylan:Great cast, better director. Although it doesn’t appear like there will be any Daniel Day-Lewis dance numbers, which concerns me. See it anyways.

Fil: While this movie doesn’t involve blue aliens fighting for their home-world or anything like that – put me down to watch this one. The trailer is simple and it doesn’t give anything about the plot away. Other than the fact that it has airplanes. And Fil likes airplanes.

Sherlock Holmes

James: I’m very excited to see this film, it doesn’t look like a “classical” interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, but I think if you put aside your preconceptions this could be a very cool detective story. One of my most anticipated of the holiday season.

Benn: I’m more excited about this film than I was about “Avatar”. Lots of hype and lots of cynicism about this gritty, modernized version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous characters. However, it should be noted that this version of Holmes and Watson is, in fact, the more accurate to Doyle’s vision than the old black and white Disney tv movies. This year, I suggest you all go HOLMES for Christmas.

Dylan: This movie will be good, hands down. The movie is about the gritty, criminal underworld of London, so who better to direct than Guy Ritchie. Jesus wouldn’t mind if you skipped out on his birthday to watch this; he’d do the same.

Fil: I’ve gotta say, I’ve been looking forward to a Sherlock Holmes movie for quite a while. I’ve always had a soft spot for the old boy and his deductive reasoning. Adding RDJ and Jude Law into the mix with Guy Ritchie directing – and you have something that doesn’t look anything like what I want from a Sherlock Holmes movie. Regardless, I love re-imaginings of popular properties, so I’m definitely seeing the hell right out of this.

It’s Complicated

James: Look the principle actors are great, and Nancy Myers, as feminine as her themes are, is actually a relatively good writer (in a formulaic way primarily). I expect this is actually a decent movie, though maybe not to the tastes of our audience.

Benn: I like the cast, but it script looks incredibly shallow. Plus, the film looks like it’s from the same company who put out “Somethings Got To Give” and “The Holiday”. (Note: after fact checking this claim, I found that all three of these films have, in fact, the same producer and director. Go figure.).

Dylan: Of course Meryl Streep is getting awards buzz for this movie. It’s a Hollywood rule that she has to be nominated for at least one movie per year. This looks like it will rely more on its star power than the script. Plus Alec Baldwin is the greatest actor of our generation, according to Team America.

Fil:Alright guys – I would totally do Meryl Streep. Just so I could steal some of her talent and be a big name actress actor. I hate romantic comedies. But I would go see this one because Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin are gold.

Crazy Heart

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

James: Terry Gilliam is an artistic genius who’s end result works out as a well rounded piece of film less often than I’d prefer. I think I like the idea and visuals of his films better than the end product sometimes. That said, I’d love it if this was great.

Benn: This looks more like a return to form for Gilliam, which is not a bad thing in the least. This will, no doubt, beat out Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” as far as fantastic dreamscapes and adventures go. Plus, Tom Waits is the devil.

Dylan: This just screams Terry Gilliam. I can’t help but feel like I’ll be visually overwhelmed, like the time I had a color-gasm while watching Speed Racer.

Fil: I’ve been waiting for this movie forever, it seems. Gilliam is one of the latent geniuses of the film world, and he never really gets his due. I still don’t really know what this movie is about but my faith in him knows pretty much no bounds. The director of 12 Monkeys and Brazil can have my 10 bucks any day.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

James: While I certainly didn’t demand a squeakquel, the box office did. This honestly looks like a piece of crap, but I can’t say I didn’t at least chuckle during the trailer. Poor Jason Lee.

Benn: Did the world really cry out for a sequel to Alvin and the Chipmunks?

Dylan: Let’s all have a moment of silence for Jason Lee’s career. It will be missed.

Fil: ……….. ……… ……………….*

Nine [expands]

James: Okay at first I thought that remaking 8 1/2 as a musical was the weirdest idea ever, even though I’m a big fan of Fellini’s work. No that I’ve seen the trailer for this, I’m really digging the music, the cinematography, and the presence of Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s now one of my most anticipated films of the winter.

Benn: Bottom line: Daniel Day-Lewis is the best actor around, so I’ll see anything he does. “Chicago” didn’t really wow me much; all razzle dazzle and not much else. Still, quite the twist on an interesting subject.

Dylan: Beautiful women, DDL, flashy dance numbers, done. Oh, and it’s a sequel/adaptation/whatchamacallit of “8 1/2?” Stop. You had me at DDL.

Fil: Well, I have a thing for musicals, but only comedic musicals. And this movie has the added pretentiousness of being associated with 8 ½. So my initial thoughts on this are – maybe I’ll like it. However, Daniel Day-Lewis is the best actor ever and also knows how to pick good movies. So – I’m totally seeing this.

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