Feb 12 2010

Taking Stock: 2/12/2010

As per usual, “Taking Stock” finds our ever-presumptuous crew giving their opinions on this week’s upcoming films.

The Wolfman

James: I’d love for this to be great but several delays, three editors, moving from one composer to another and then back to the first all bode really badly for the final product.  And so does the 36% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Benn: Constant delays in post-production make me a bit nervous, but the trailers looks so good, and look at that cast.  My advice?  Give it a shot.   We need a good traditional horror film to wash the whole torture porn movement out of our mouths.

Dylan: On one hand, it doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of love from critics. On the other hand, Hopkins and Del Toro are a good combo. Plus, it is the Wolfman. Let’s give it a shot.

Fil: I’ll be really happy to see this film finally come out.  Hopkins in a Universal horror film?  Yes.  Please.

Valentine’s Day:

James: “It’s got a lot of stars.”  Yeah, but they’re not exactly examples of great cinematic acting either.  I do like Garry Marshall, but something about this one makes me wary.

Benn: If your significant other takes you to this film, break up with them immediately.  It’s them, not you.

Dylan: Will more likely be a Valentine’s Day Massacre. Please leave the star-studded rom-coms to those who can make them well (I’m looking at you Richard Curtis).

Fil: If this turns out to be the Love, Actually of Valentine’s Day – I’ll be really surprised.  Someone let me know if that’s the case?

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

James: Yeah, it looks like Harry Potter-lite, but it could be kind of fun and I was down on Harry Potter when it first came out.  Plus, I love anything mythology and fable related.  I’ll certainly wait to hear the response to this one, but I could end up seeing it at some point.

Benn: Harry Potter rip-off.  Plus, come on Pierce Brosnan, money can’t be that tight.

Dylan: For who this film is marketed towards, it looks pretty entertaining. That being said, I’ll give it a pass unless I hear that Daniel Day-Lewis drinks someone’s milkshake in it.

Fil: I’m excited about this film.  Greek Mythology is hardly a Harry Potter rip-off.  Come to think of it – this is Clash of the Titans for kids.  Yeah.  I like that.

My Name is Khan

James: I haven’t been a huge fan of even the best examples of recent Indian film, (Monsoon Wedding for example).  Seeing as I haven’t heard anything truly great about this one, I’ll pass for now.

Benn: Am I the only one who thinks the lead actor looks like an Indian Michael Cera?  In any case, this film looks sincere without being soapy.

Dylan: Gotta love a film that reminds you just how fearful and prejudice our country actually is. I’ll wait till I can Netflix it.

Fil: This film actually looks like it might be pretty good.  Pity it’s not really my thing.  Also – I couldn’t understand the trailer beyond “My Name is Khan – and I’m not a terrorist.”

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