Mar 11 2010

Taking Stock: 3/12/2010

We enter another week of “Taking Stock,” our weekly column in which the entire staff tells you what they think of the movies coming out this week based on very little knowledge and first impressions.  Also, today is James’ birthday!

Green Zone

James: This movie is basically a politically inclined Jason Bourne film, right?  I’m interested, but I wonder if it will do well enough at the box office.

Benn:  Looks way too much like The Bourne Identity, but I like Matt Damon, and I do did like Greengrass’ approach towards the last two Bourne films.  I’d see it, even if it is Jason Bourne Visits the Middle East.

Dylan: It’s what would happen if Jason Bourne didn’t have amnesia. Maybe some political commentary condemning the Middle East quagmire? Can’t really get excited to see this one.

Fil: You guys, Jason Bourne is Wolverine in a Matt Damon body.   That has nothing to do with whether I want to see this or not.  And I could really care less.

Anna: Now that I’ve seen the fuss concerning The Bourne Identity (yes, I know everyone is going to put that title in their stock – but how can you not?) I know I can skip this. I just didn’t care for Bourne, I just don’t care for Matt Damon, and I just don’t care to see another war movie with epileptic-inducing trailers.

Remember Me

James: Pass.

Benn:  No.

Dylan: God awful!

Fil: I suppose the fact that this movie doesn’t star all the usual suspects makes it about a .7 on my “to see” scale.  Meaning I would rather watch this than The Notebook or Dear John, but not by much.

Anna: If I had to choose between this and Twilight, I’d pick this. Is that saying much? At least Pattinson’s face doesn’t look like his face has athlete’s foot here.

She’s Out of My League

James: I like Jay Baruschel, but everyone else here seems to be stand-ins for the Apatow crowd, instead of the real thing.  If I felt this had the Apatow stamp of approval, I’d go.  Since it doesn’t, I won’t.

Benn:  My only gripe is Baruschel is hardly a 5.  In fact, him landing Alice Evans doesn’t seem entirely impossible to me.  All the same, it looks fun, and I tend to enjoy the Apatow gang anyhow.  Go for it.

Dylan: Introducing, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Apatow.” It’s got that same Apatow look, same flavor, but guess what? It isn’t Apatow. Get it now at your local cinema (or not).

Fil:  Unlike my co-website people, I don’t think Apatow is the hottest shit since yesterday night.  This movie has terrible titling and terrible advertising, but in general, it looks okay.  I still wouln’t pay to see it, but then, I didn’t pay to see Superbad, Knocked Up, or Funny People.

Anna: I think Jay Baruchel is one of the new “ugliest” people in my book. I can’t stand his face and I can’t stand his acting, and I’m an Apatow fan. I’m tired of dating movies based on looks and misunderstanding.

Our Family Wedding

James: At first I was going to just say it’s not my thing, but by the end of the trailer I was convinced it’s horrible.

Benn:  “He’s black, she’s Hispanic; how could they possibly relate!?”  This could be funny if they were going for an ironic farce, but no.  Honestly, the idea of a film revolving around the taboo of a mixed marriage is pretty offensive.  That, and it stars Carlos Mencia.  Actually, that may be worse.

Dylan: Proving racial tension is still funny (?) The irony is Mencia isn’t even a Mexican… or a comedian… more of a douche-bag.

Fil: I would just like to know how they came up with the idea of having the goat eat Viagra and how they ever thought that would be funny to anyone who is not 4 years old.  Also, Forrest Whitaker, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THIS MOVIE?

Anna: Culture clashing date/wedding movies. Hardly comedic, entertaining, or original.

Mother [LA/NY]

James: I’ve heard a lot of good buzz about this one.  It won’t necessarily be a priority, but I’d love to catch it on video.

Benn:  I’m not really sure what director Bong Joon-ho has up his sleeve with this one, but then again, that’s what intrigues me.  I’d like to see if it lives up to the hype.

Dylan: If I can find time, I’ll try and see this one.

Fil:  I can already tell you, I’m not going to see this.  But I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Anna: I love seeing foreign films, but I probably wouldn’t make an effort to see this. Gorgeous trailer, though.

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  • Mike Lukenbill Says:

    She’s Out of My League looks like it has some really funny moments (family all saying ‘fuck you’ to hot girl, enthusiastic friend blowing on his penis), but the premise and the characters are pretty bad cliches. And I’d say he’s a 6.

    I refuse to even watch the trailer for Our Family Wedding, that photo’s enough, but I’d pay to watch the movie if it included Carlos Mencia getting mauled by something.

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