Jun 4 2010

Taking Stock: 6/4/2010

We enter another week of “Taking Stock,” our weekly column in which the entire staff tells you what they think of the movies coming out this week based on very little knowledge and first impressions.  Also, if you can read this column, you have too much time on your hands.

Get Him to the Greek

James: Aldous Snow was the highlight of Forgetting Sarah Marshall for me.  I’d be down to see more of this character.

Benn:  Love Brand’s Aldous Snow character, but I’m not crazy about Jonah Hill in anything but very small roles.  Still, it just might be worth.

Dylan: I’m in a small minority that doesn’t think Russel Brand is entertaining. However, I did like Forgetting Sarah Marshall for reasons other than Brand, and P. Diddy (Diddy Dome Diddy Doo, or whatever he’s called now) looks kind of funny. If a group is going, I wouldn’t be opposed.

Fil:  Russell Brand was the best part of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (that bitch) – so if given a choice between this and anything else but Splice, I’d probably see this.

Anna: I really liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so I probably wouldn’t go into this kicking and screaming. But it’s really not worth the movie ticket.


James: I feel like both of these two are usually the lesser of their normal romantic pairings, throw them into a tried and true formula and you get… sludge?  This isn’t being screened for critics, a really bad sign for a comedy.

Benn:  Whoever wrote the line,”Let’s just say I work for the blah blah blah and have a license to blah” should be publicly beaten with reeds.

Dylan: Just…. just, just no.

Fil:  I think I’ll stay home and watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith True Lies instead.  Then I’ll quietly drown myself for allowing this movie to be made.

Anna: I like Heigl, but this story is so unappealing.


James: I always hated the Marmaduke comic strip, and the fact that he talks in this makes it even worse.

Benn: Go f*ck yourself.

Dylan: It’s movies like this that have me questioning Hollywood: Are they so scared to take a chance on an original idea that they resort to a stretch of an adaptation like this?

Fil:  Is this movie based on the hilarious comic strip with the same name?  Yeah? Then my answer is Fuck. No.

Anna: When I went and saw How to Train Your Dragon, there was a trailer for this. I must have been in a really good mood for this to look appealing, especially since it has Owen Wilson in it. But there is really no good reason to see this.


James: I hear this is kind of mis-marketed, and it’s a much different movie than it looks.  I’ve also heard it’s pretty good, but pretty fucked up.  I usually prefer to see these kinds of fucked up films at home where I can run away or take a break if necessary.

Benn:  Director Vincenzo Natali has never been one to write a simple, high-concept scifi film (see: Cube).  This looks like it will combine easy scares with very complex ideas.

Dylan: I’ve heard people talk about it with anticipation, and I do like Adrien Brody, but this doesn’t do anything for me.

Fil:  Of all the movies out this week, I think this is the one I’m most excited about – I love the actors, and the premise seems sufficiently creepy.  I’ll definitely be seeing this one.  And James?  You’re a pussy.

Anna: I’d rather go watch the Alien quadrology again.

Ondine [limited]

James:  Trailer lost me about halfway through, it seems like it could be alright but simply not for me.

Benn:  You know what?  I think it looks charming and well acted.  Besides, what else are you going to see, Marmaduke? (if answer is yes, see prior response to the film)

Dylan: Were they speaking English in the trailer? From what I was able to decipher, it The Little Mermaid with drinking and potential stabbing.

Fil:  I wouldn’t say no to this – I guess we’re looking at a serious take on a mermaid movie?  Sure, why not?

Anna: I honestly couldn’t understand a word they were saying in the trailer.

Finding Bliss [LA/NY]

James: I’m sure this is pretty bad, but I did laugh a couple times during the trailer.  Anyways I won’t be seeing it.

Benn:  Eh….. it is what it is.

Dylan: Generally, any trailer that starts off with, “For (character’s name)” and tells you what the movie is about lacks any creativity and originality. So no, pass.

Fil:  This…is not my kind of film, but I would totally watch it to hear all the funny porn titles.  Also, I think a friend of a friend of a friend might have done a webseries that was along these lines?

Anna: This looks very poorly made.

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