Jul 2 2010

Taking Stock: 7/2/2010

We enter another week of “Taking Stock,” our weekly column in which the entire staff tells you what they think of the movies coming out this week based on very little knowledge and first impressions.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

James: What do I say about Twilight that hasn’t been said on this site 100 times already?  The trailer looks better than the first two?  That doesn’t take much.

Benn:  You know what?  I’ve said everything that needs to be said about this terrible, terrible thing.  Google “Fur and Loathing, Lock Stock” for my summation of “Twilight.”

Dylan: I’ve heard this is the best of the Twilight movies thus far. It’s like ranking S.T.D’s in order of most tolerable. This represents all that is bad in the world.

Fil: I, for one, am so excited about this.  GO TEAM BUFFY!

Anna: All I’m going to say is that there was a trailer for this before Iron Man 2. Everybody in the theater made noises of disgust. I joined in.

The Last Airbender

James: Worst reviewed movie of the year?  I’m morbidly curious now, I think I’ll rent it at some point just to see.  Supposedly the show is fantastic, go watch that.

Benn:  I might see this just to see what a colossal failure looks like.

Dylan: M. Night Shamalamadingdong hasn’t given me a reason to trust him in a long time. That and this is getting scathing reviews. Plus, why are all the main characters, who are either Asian or Inuit in the show, cast as whities?

Fil:  Dude, I love the show, but this…I just can’t believe he messed up this bad.  This is supposed to be worse than The Happening.

Anna: The trailer for this looks really, really cool. But like everyone else, I’m wary from Shyamalan’s history. Plus I’ve heard of the flaming reviews. Fil probably won’t let me see it anyway until I watch the show.

Love Ranch

James: This just looks so unnotable, which is disappointing for Taylor Hackford.

Benn:  Good principal cast, but…eh.  I take this time to cross off “Seven Samurai” off of my list of shame.

Dylan: “There’s no business like ho-business.” Since there’s not much this week… I’m going to hit up the instant watch on Netflix. Time to play catch-up.

Fil: I think of all the movies coming out this weekend, this looks like the one I would be most likely to divert to after not wanting to see the others.

Anna: I’ll probably be seeing this a few weeks before the Academy Awards, because it looks suspiciously like it’s going to make it there.

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