Jul 10 2010

Taking Stock: 7/9/2010

We enter another week of “Taking Stock,” our weekly column in which the entire staff tells you what they think of the movies coming out this week based on very little knowledge and first impressions.  If it were last impressions, these would be reviews.

Despicable Me

James: The trailers look cute but forgettable and I’m still not 100% sure what this is even about.  I’m predicting this to be a decent rental.

Benn:  Looks fun, but not my thing really.

Dylan: I’m not really sure why I should care about this movie. There are yellow freaks and Steve Carell and that’s about all I gathered from the trailer. Not the top movie on my list.

Fil: I think this might be kind of a fun movie to see.  Not exactly something I expect greatness out of, but it might surprise us.  Focusing on the ancillary characters in trailers is usually a bad sign though. <-Formatting error…or subtle hint that my opinion is more important?

Anna: The teasers looked like shit, but I recently saw a full trailer and it looked fun. I’d give it a try.


James: I remember loving the first Predator when I was a kid, but I haven’t seen it in a long time.  I’m wary of reboots like this, but Robert Rodriguez did write the script so that’s saying something.

Benn:  I’m very, VERY curious to see how this film will turn out.  I’m totally in.

Dylan: It’s getting good buzz so far and like the original as a mindless action film. For nostalgia’s sake, I’ll try and catch this a few weeks down the line.

Fil:Vurry excited to see this, even though I’m assuming it will suck.  I’m never wary of anything, cuz I got BALLS, but we’ll see, I suppose.

Anna: I’m seeing it Sunday and I’m going in without expectations. It is my duty.

The Kids Are All Right [limited]

James: Y’know, I actually really liked this trailer.  I don’t expect to see this in theaters but it looks like it could be a pretty good film.

Benn:  Looks like a pretty good film.  Plus, its got Mark Ruffalo; ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Dylan: I’ve got a weird thing for Julianne Moore, so this trailer calls out to me in an awkward way that I won’t go into the details. The story looks fun and interesting, plus the rest of cast ain’t that bad either. In for this.

Fil:I agree with James, for once, this was a fun trailer, and it’s something I wouldn’t say no to seeing.  Plus, I love all the people in it, especially lesbian Julianne Moore.

Anna: Looks like a nice heartwarmer, but I’ll never make an effort to see it.

The Girl Who Played with Fire [limited]

James: I haven’t seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yet, but the buzz is huge.  I take it this is the sequel?  Or just by the same author?  I’m unclear.

Benn:  This is the sequel to “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” which was a phenomenal film.  Its a safe bet that “The Girl Who Played With Fire” will be just as great, if not even better.  This is the must see of the week.  Seriously, go to the University 6 theater at UCI and see it.

Dylan: The first film was a phenomenal mystery/thriller with that distinct Scandinavian style. It looks like this one will have more of an up tempo, action pace than the slower, putting-the-pieces-together pace of the first film. I’ll definitely see the sequel.

Fil:I also have not seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but this looks pretty cool.  The images of fire, especially, are pretty striking in this trailer.  Probably should see the first one though.  Or set fire to some shit myself.

Anna: I usually take the time to read the book first, but the books have never interested me, nor have I seen the first movie. If the trailer for, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is just as cool, I’d give it a try for a cheap ticket.

[Rec] 2 [limited]

James: I saw the American remake of [Rec] (Quarantine), it was kind of fun in a watch it and forget it way.  I hear the original was better and this is its sequel but once again that’s a few too many steps away for me to consider watching it.

Benn:  I would really like to see the first film; it got fantastic reviews.  By the looks of the trailer, it looks really good.  I love the claustrophobic, documentary style filmmaking that went into this.

Dylan: Didn’t see the first one, but it doesn’t seem to matter for the looks of the sequel’s trailer. I have an affinity for shocker, virus films. I doubt this will be playing anywhere near me, so this will be a Netflixer film.

Fil: The original [Rec] was really pretty good, and I thought that Quarantine sucked monkey balls because it was essentially the same film.  This looks like the logical continuation of the story, so I’d definitely like to see this.

Anna: The mood of this movie looks pretty creepy, but I fucking hate zombie movies.

Great Directors [limited]

James: This looks kind of fascinating.  I’d watch it, but I’m a bit biased.

Benn:  I’m totally down to watch 10 directors discuss what it means to make films.  Plus, come on, David Lynch dude.  Who doesn’t want to hear what he has to say about anything.  I’d listen to this guy do weather forecasts all day long.

Dylan: The film studies minor in me is jumping at this and the documentary lover really wants to see this. I’m in.

Fil:My gut reaction to this kind of thing is that it’s pretentious nonsense, but I can see this being kinda interesting.  Not my kind of interesting, though.

Anna: Seems like they talk about everything that “artists” should already know, just filmed in a very pompous manner.

Grease (Sing-A-Long)

James: Most have seen this before.  If you haven’t, you’re not the audience for this.  If you have, singing along will be encouraged at these showings, I guess.  I’ll keep away myself.

Benn:  I’m not sure what I find worse: a Grease sing-a-long, or the legion of music theater geeks singing along with the film in the theater.

Dylan: Ug… not happening.

Fil: I’ve never seen Grease, so this means nothing to me.

Anna: I saw half of it and wasn’t impressed, but I’d rather see this than ever see any of the High School musicals. Plus John Travolta looks kinda cute.

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