Apr 3 2012

This Charming Man: Ashley Cahill talks films, influences and “Charm.”

Ashley Cahill on the set for his debut film, "Charm."

Sporting a red-checkered jacket and sunglasses with a copy of “The New York Times” tucked under his arm, independent filmmaker Ashley Cahill strolled onto Larchmont Boulevard on a sunny Wednesday afternoon to discuss his debut film “Charm,” as well as his influences and favorite films.

“There are people who like movies, and there are people who like their movies,” said the 34 year-old Englishman.  “I like movies,” which speaks to Cahill’s great enthusiasm and knowledge about film.

This sentiment is evident when Cahill discusses his influences, as is his tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the “hip indie filmmaker” persona he mocks from time to time.  “I want to give you some slight off the beaten path answer, but… I’m just going to come out with the real answers,” he says with a grin.  John Huston’s name is mentioned, as is Alfred Hitchcock’s, and Cahill cops to an affinity for Jean-Luc Goddard, with whom he shares a birthday.  Brian de Palma not so much, but Cahill confesses that he “[has] f——- great camera work” nonetheless.

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