Aug 7 2009

We Want You

Hello everyone.  We’d love to have more discussion with our readers and listeners.  I noticed today that previously, you had to be registered with our site to make a comment, so I changed that in the hopes that more people would readily feel like they could give feedback.  Now it’s simple, just click the “leave a comment” link at the bottom of any article and you can let us know what you think.  Also keep in mind we as a podcast have an email that you can contact us at, it’s  We’re open to suggestions for topics, movies we should watch, and general criticism.  Just try not to be too mean about it.

Also we’ve had great response on our facebook page, people seem to be taking to checking out our articles based on us promoting things there, and they’re giving us lots of good comments there too.  We appreciate this just as much as comments on our site, so if you prefer this method, be sure to add us on facebook.

Thanks for reading and listening!

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